South Africa
South Africa
Workplace location
Employer company
TotalEnergies Marketing South Africa (Pty) Ltd
Type of contract
Regular position
Minimum 3 years

Candidate Profile

As a Shift Supervisor you will possess the following:

·         Suitable 3-year tertiary qualification or 3 year Shift Supervisor experience

·         Experience gained in a petrochemical, production, and warehousing or industrial environment.


As a Shift Supervisor you will be responsible for the following activities:


·         To supervise the operation of the Terminal within the framework of relevant legislation and regulations governing the Industry thus ensuring high customer service levels with the aim of contributing to the effective management and efficient operation of the terminal.


    Supervise and handle the operations of the plant to ensure all terminal / gantry activities and products received, handled and issued are done so safely and efficiently thereby contributing to improved controls.

     Effective stock control to ensure: Stock gains/losses are within accepted norms/standards to minimize stock losses. Products are reconciled daily to maintain quality control.

    Control the loading and issuing of all products in the plant to ensure: The right product, in the right time, at the right quantity against set service levels and transport KPI’s to meet customer requirements and improve the efficiency and optimization of the transport.

     Prepare incident/accident reports and perform regular gantry inspections for non-compliance by drivers to Work Instruction, housekeeping and vehicle operating requirements to ensure a reduction in incidents and compliance to transport legislation.

    Supervise operational crises and problems pertaining to the Terminal by activating contingency plans and advising all affected parties so as to avoid any/minimal disruption of the operational activity in the plant.

    Ensure efficient customer service by resolving all customer queries / problems expediently thereby contributing to improved customer perceptions.

    Assist with the practical training of Operations and Management trainees and employees from other Terminals and Interns through on-the-job training and rotation within the plant that will result in meeting the objective of the training programme.

    Perform any other duties as reasonably requested by the Terminal Supervisor or Manager.

     Shift handover completed as per TOM- TOM requirements

    Maintenance and operation of VRU to ensure proper function.

    Alignment and maintenance to Integrity management and TOM- TOM / EDOC/MAESTRO/TRA requirements

    Assist in the implementation of Process Safety Management (PSM) at the Terminal


• Supervise the HSSEQ and security of the terminal to ensure constant adherence and compliance to the Company’s standards, any local by-laws and government legislation. This to minimize all risk pertaining to the company’s assets and stock, be an excellent corporate citizen, remain operational and ensure the safety of all people.

• MAESTRO Implementation – responsible as principal champion/or supporting appointed principal champions

• To handle any operational crises and problems pertaining to the Terminal by activating contingency plans and advising all affected parties so as to avoid any/minimal disruption of the operational activity in the Terminal.

• To comply to site rules

• Contribute in achieving all set HSSEQ objectives (see attached Performance Objectives)

·         To effectively manage and minimise HSE risk within area of responsibility by ensuring: Compliance with all HSE Policies, rules, guideline and legal requirements. Promotion of safe working environment and positively contributing to the company HSE KPIs and risk reduction strategies that HSE competency requirements are identified & enforced within area of responsibility


·         Comply to OHS-ACT 1 Appoint 8.2i b) legal compliance to national, environmental and local laws c) appointment and monitoring of Health and Safety     Committees (including: Safety Officer, Fire Team and First Aid)

·         Assist with the Optimizing of TSA’s use of Terminal’s assets and ensure compliance to NERSA license conditions.


·         To ensure effective risk management and internal control, including asset management, for area of responsibility

Context & Environment

·         Controlling the drivers of the transport contractors particularly regarding misconduct, e.g., spillages.

·         Trouble-shooting/fault finding on Terminal equipment when minor technical problems are experienced.

·         Establishing the most appropriate storage facility for the drain back of returned product.

·         Ensuring consistent implementation, to Total’s standards, by the various outsourced transporters’ staff servicing the Terminal.

·         Ensuring the highest awareness and application of HSSEQ and security standards on a constant basis due to the serious risk and impact an incident can have on the Company, both internally and externally (e.g., lives of people, Company image, working capital, assets, legislative, environment and social-factors).

·         Investigating product losses due to inaccurate admin or loading of product.

·         Poor system response time and regular downtime exacerbates time management and ensuring workload is completed timeously.

TotalEnergies is an equal opportunity employer and all applicants that meet the specified criteria will receive consideration for employment without discriminating unfairly on any arbitrary ground, including but not limited to race, gender, sex, ethnic or social origin, colour, sexual orientation, age, disability, religious conscience belief, political opinion, culture, language, marital status, or family responsibility.