South Africa
South Africa
Workplace location
Employer company
TotalEnergies Marketing South Africa (Pty) Ltd
Type of contract
Regular position
Minimum 6 years

Candidate Profile

As a Network Control Manager you will possess the following:

Financial degree (postgraduate) plus 8 to 10 years related business experience, and in-depth knowledge of industry.

Advanced accounting knowledge.                                                                                                                           

Knowledge of TotalEnergies Group reporting rules.                                                                                                          

Advanced working knowledge of the SAP system and good personal computer skills (Excel, Power point).

Key competencies include good interpersonal skills, ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines, analytical ability and attention to detail.

English is the working language.


As a Network Control Manager you will be responsible for the following activities:

Long Term Plan

In collaboration with business teams, support, plan and elaborate the Long-Term Plan with Strategy dept and head office.

To review output of Strategy dept and ensure that it ties back to approved budget.

Present final Long-Term Plan to the business team for approval.



To develop the budget hypothesis in conjunction with the head office, Strategy Dept and relevant General Managers

To evaluate and challenge the content of the departmental budget presentations and requests.

To ensure the resultant budget is in line with the company’s overall operational and financial objectives.

Validate and present the documents which synthesize the budget and will be used as a reference during the year.


Optimize reporting tools & compliance to procedures

Develop and implement tools to optimize financial reporting (indicators, Dashboard etc.).

Ensure that compliance to reporting guideline and procedures.



Analyze & report the monthly performance of the activity in line with the closing calendar, by studying the deviations to budget.

Support the planning team with commentary on the evolution of WCR & Investments.

Prepare the commentary for the activity and present to MANCOM at business reviews and COMPERF.

Monitor & report the fixed costs of the activity & assist operational teams realize savings initiatives.

Responsible to provide key figures related to the activity’s financial performance as requested.

Report on retail sales volumes to the business on monthly bases.

Report on NCA to retail team on monthly basis.

Analyze and report on CAPEX to retail Divisional managers on monthly basis.

 Supervision and control of accounting

Monitor on a daily basis the postings related to the activity to ensure consistent treatment and pro-active error correction.

To achieve this by reducing the delta between COPA & PCA to less than 5%.

Ensure that all journals are accounted in the correct accounting period.


Optimization of IT systems

Participate in the evolution of information systems.

Distribute to operational teams results up to operating income.


Ad hoc 

Assist Retail team with accounting treatment.

Assist or direct audit team to relevant retail team personnel.



To ensure critical skills and positions are identified.

To ensure succession plan is in place for direct reports, and update job descriptions at least every 2 years.

To ensure the annual employee review process includes a review of employee career plan and development plan.                                                                                                                                                                                              

Context & Environment

Complex regulatory framework within the petroleum industry with ongoing changes over the years.

Low profitability culture across the organization, resulting in poor variance analysis in the different business

TotalEnergies is an equal opportunity employer and all applicants that meet the specified criteria will receive consideration for employment without discriminating unfairly on any arbitrary ground, including but not limited to race, gender, sex, ethnic or social origin, colour, sexual orientation, age, disability, religious conscience belief, political opinion, culture, language, marital status, or family responsibility.