Afrique du Sud
South Africa
Lieu de travail
Moyens Généraux
Type de contrat
Minimum 6 ans

Profil du candidat

Technical qualification – Matric + National Diploma (T3 or BTech) in Mechanical engineering or equivalent -
• One of the following:
o (preferred) - 5 year experience in technical lubricants sales or lubricant technical support to mining customers and or similar experience.
o (alternative) - 5 year experience in mechanical engineering / mining environment
• Comprehensive mechanical know-how of engines, transmission, hydraulic and or typical mining and or manufacturing equipment
• Sound knowledge of fuel & lubricant specifications and in-depth knowledge of TMSA and competitors’ products.
• Previous experience in mechanical maintenance, bulk lubrication equipment, and filtration would be a requirement.
• Management, Negotiation, Analytical thinking, and presentation skills and mining industry experience.
• The following would be advantageous:
o STLE – CLS certification or ICML - MLT1 & MLT2 or MLA1 & MLA2, Systematic Failure analysis, SAIT Lubrication Engineer
o Qualifications in Condition monitoring - Oil Analysis, Vibration Monitoring, Thermography.
• Must reside in the area of responsibility
• Must be willing and able to travel. Valid drivers licence
• Good organization, negotiation, planning and time management skills are essential.
• Computer literacy is essential with good working knowledge of Microsoft packages.


Assist to maintain and grow business
Working with technical as well as commercial personnel coordinating and attending meetings with all levels of personnel on products and service offerings.
Drive out competitor products at current customers
Compile and present a monthly Technical KPI review of customersl
Liaising directly with all departments and assisting customers with timely product deliveries
Preparing quotations and processing orders on time and in full
Attending tender meetings as well as compiling tender documents on time and in full
Lead generation of prospect customers
Target 10% buy-out at prospective mines through testing of superior niche products at higher margins.
Responsible to track any product trial, take oil samples, interpret oil sample reports, discuss & feedback to mine engineers & maintenance, request dispensing equipment.
Assist in improving the profitability of the division through introduction of high margin specialized products.
Jointly responsible for Volume and margin targets of the commercial person in the same area
Highlight pricing, contract, stock issues to commercial team
PXL job n°:
Technical Support
• Right Principle
Assist your customer to fulfill the right principle of having the Right Lubricant, in the Right Place, at the Right Time, in the Right Quantity, and at the Right Cleanliness level.
• Change Management
For new sites and customers or new products, manage the change-over procedure.
Update & assist to manage the change management plan
Manage lubricant products equivalent & compatibility.
Special focus on technical aspects - bulk dispensing equipment, signage, bulk & truck requirement, ISO-Cleanliness
• Conduct Lubricant surveys at each customer site as per the customer’s contract requirements.
Update surveys for any changes on customer equipment level or TMSA product level
For new equipment introduction, recommend new lubricants that meet the OEM specifications.
Manage the introduction of new lubricant technologies, product changes and manage cross-contamination control.
Rationalize the number of lubricant products used on each site in line with customer’s expectations.
share lubrication and maintenance World Class best practices with the customer, the other Tribologist and the sales team
• ISO Cleanliness
Ensure that the bulk lubricants issued to customers are at the acceptable ISO cleanliness level in line with the customer’s Technical contract KPI’s.
Take ongoing baseline oil sample and liaise with LMP the ISO Cleanliness level of delivered product vs COA and give feedback to the customer. Achieve the agreed cleanliness levels for lubricants. through correct filtration on-site and management thereof.
Management of Filtration performance, cost and stock at selected customer (ISP sites)
• Bulk Dispening equipment
Ensure the correct functioning of the bulk lubricant dispensing equipment (flow meters, nozzles, hose reels, pumps, tanks) and manage new requirements through engineering team.
Assist with determining requirements from the customer and help with the scope of project requirements for bulk dispensing equipment
Assist with engaging Engineering
Update bulk dispensing equipment asset register.
Ensure all customer bulk equipment is fitted with the proper signage ( Tank Product Labels, Bulk Product offloading labels, Hose reel labels, Service truck product labels) Ensure Zero leakage philosophy (co-operation/synergy with filter, hose & seal suppliers).
• Value in use & Continues Improvement Projects
Ensure that there are Continuous Improvement Projects (CIPs) per site, and that these are agreed/approved by the customer. It should be measureable, monitored and reported on regular basis to the customer.
VIU (Value in Use Projects) Projects to assist the customer with the reduction in client’s total cost of ownership (TCO). - Continuous Improvement Projects (Lubricants) - Fuel Saving Lubricant products - Energy Saving projects - Equipment life extensions - Oil Life extension - Bio Degradable Products Reduced safety risk - Higher Flash Point Products where needed. - Sight Glass with magnetic plug and reservoir - ISO Cleanliness improvement through Rear Earth magnets – Upselling high performance products and greases - Project and proof of performance - Re-lubrication interval optimization for site maintenance schedule - Sell add on products like ANAC oil analysis - Ensure that the number of second tier products replaced by Total products or more cost effective products, equipment life extension (Co-operation with original equipment manufacturers/OEM’s).
Ensure proper documented Proof of Performance and Customer Testimonial of all VIU/s are in place
Assist and drive premium product upselling and identify possible energy saving projects at key mining customers
• Assist to ensure used oil is collected and disposed of in a responsible manner and identify and assist with Pollution and environmental control (ISO 14 000) at the customer site
• Lubrication problem solving / Failure analysis / Product integrity
Assist with the investigation of any claim of lubricant failure
• Product Lifcycle management
Keep product requirements for mining current and up-to-date and work on the business case to ensure a complete and equivalent product slate for the mining and industrial segments.
Communicate additional product development request to Product Technical Support
• Customer Product Complain Management
Communicate and handle all product complaints at customer level and liaise with Product Support Technical Team. Do on site investigation in product complaint / failure.
Assist with Lubricants Root Cause Failure analysis
• Training
Complete all TMSA required training on time and in full
Lubrication and ISO cleanliness training for Customer . Help with training and development of Customer Maintenance Personnel in lubricants. Total Product equivalents, Basic Lubrication, Grease, Premature Bearing Failure, Improving oil ISO Cleanliness, Oil sampling and analysis, Storage & handling and to ensure that there is cost-effective usage of lubricants by the customer through training.
Coaching and in-service training for customers
Best practice sharing to team & customers
Account Maintenance
• Meeting the SALSA monthly requirements is a qualifying criteria for VCS
o All Master data must be completed and kept up to date on an ongoing basis
o All customer appointments must be logged in SALSA calendar
o All customer visits will be documented through the visit report function
o All customer visits must be entered immediately after the visit is completed and no later than 5 days after the visit
o Number of customer visits for the quarter to meet agreed divisional target
o All Sold to’s and Prospects need to be loaded with yearly potential
o Prospects must have:
▪ At least two visit reports. Visit reports should be recent
▪ At least one opportunity attached to it
▪ At least one contact point
o Opportunities must have:
▪ At least one visit report and should be recent
▪ At least one contact point stating who is the decision maker
• Manage and present account reviews
• Manage customer, ISP and 2nd Tier supplier Agreements
• Manage and present internal and external results Weekly/Monthly reporting/KPI

Contexte et environnement

Challenge is to achieve an effective balance between daily operational issues whilst focusing on high delivering high-level strategic business objectives for TMSA.
• Identify financially viable solutions for customers to ensure long term sustainable and profitable business in a highly contested market .
• Building proof of good performance of products in applications through Value in Use projects
• Other internal and external constraints which make this job challenging are an uncertain regulatory environment, general skills shortage and high subsequent turnover; BBBEE compliance for people management, building trust and managing/convincing engineers technically.

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