Verenigde Staten
Algemene diensten, Communicatie, Financiën, Industriële projecten, Informatiesystemen
Bepaalde tijd
Minimaal 15 jaar

Profiel kandidaat

  • Responsible for building the scope, contractual framework and delivering the technology assessments.
  • Contribute to the development and capitalization of scientific expertise within TotalEnergies.
  • Ensure effective technology learnings and transfer to our CCUS R&D Program, OneTech process Technical Line, CO2 Customer Line and CCS Business Unit.
  • Anticipate the team resources and budget needs to achieve our objectives.
  • Ensure that partners and other stakeholders see TotalEnergies as a reliable and dependable leader
  • Engage actively with the internal and external stakeholders involved.
  • Maintain a high level of scientific competence, motivation and ambition acting as an ambassador of TotalEnergies’s leadership in the Net Zero Carbon energy future.

  • PhD in chemical engineering – preferably with specialty in adsorption-based separation processes
  • Minimum of 7 to 10 years of experience in CO2 capture technologies and processes (development and techno-economic analysis)
  • Including minimum 3 to 5 years of experience in technical engineering project management. 
  • Key soft skills: 
    • Pragmatic innovative and pioneer spirit.
    • Ability to influence outcomes in a non-supervisory role with multiple external partners.
    • Technical leadership and organizational skills to coordinate multi-disciplinary partnerships.
    • Strong presentation and communications skills
    • Fluency in English​​​​​​​
TotalEnergies regrets that it is unable to sponsor employment Visas or consider individuals on time-limited visa status for this position.



  • Select most promising technology developers based on thorough scouting
  • Define scope of work with clear targets and milestones and the project organizational structure with partners and internal stakeholders
  • Manage the collaborative contractual framework with the developers.
  • Engage an engineering company to perform the process design and technical cost evaluation in collaboration with the developers.
  • Perform in-depth scientific and technical analysis of the selected technologies.
  • Deliver technical analysis, conceptual plant design, technical costs, life cycle analysis, safety concerns, maturity and risk management plan.
  • Adopt a balanced management style with partners to encourage collaboration and innovation while maintaining the project on track and on budget.
  • Visit US partners on a regular basis to establish a constructive relation based on mutual confidenc
  • Provide scientific and technical guidance to partners and internal stakeholders.
  • Promote HSE initiatives and ensure a strong awareness to HSE matters across partners.
  • Ensure technical excellence of proposed solutions and maintain a high standard of internal reporting.
  • Stay abreast of relevant technological developments and refine project scope of work when needed.
  • Promote technical innovation internally and externally when appropriate.

Context & Environment

CCUS is one of the key technologies that TotalEnergies is developing and deploying to meet its net zero carbon ambitions. The flagship ONE R&D CCUS Program actively contributes to this ambition. Beyond point source CO2 capture on industrial emitters, CO2 removal from the atmosphere will be required at large scale to help mitigate climate change. Direct Air Capture is one of the solutions to deliver negative emissions when coupled with geological storage and an essential brick towards net zero e-fuels. First generation DAC technologies are still very costly and require lots of low carbon intensity energy. The ambition of the activities led by the job holder is to evaluate promising innovative technologies that will have the capacity to maximize carbon negativity at reasonable cost. The approach will be highly collaborative working hand in hand with selected startups.

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